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Pet Spa Grooming

puppy in tub

Your beloved dog will receive gentle grooming and spa bath treatments by Eve, our Groomer and Licensed Spa Therapist. Eve is a Registered Member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America.ndgaalogo-red

boston bath

Spa Bath Treatment to Clean and Condition                              $35 to $55*
includes warm hydrotherapy bath using the finest botanical shampoos and conditioners, comfort fluff dry, clean eyes and ears, gentle brush out, trim nails and moisturize paw pads.

Mini Spa Groom to Tidy Up                                                                $40 to $75*
includes Spa Bath Treatment, plus tidy-up trim around face, eyes, paw pads and sanitary area.

Full Spa Groom  the Works!                                                                $55 to $85*
includes Spa Bath Treatment, haircut, body clipping, hand-scissoring and styling.

Extras:   $5 to $15
teeth brushing, de-shedding, de-matting, de-tangling
medicated or hypoallergenic bath; eco-friendly flea bath

*Price depends upon the breed size and coat condition. Client will receive an approx price quote.
If extra time is required, client will be contacted for their authorization.
Please note:  Additional handling fees will be applied to aggressive and uncooperative dogs.